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The perfect C18 column for your chromatography needs

Why leading brands are switching to GL Sciences

Choosing the right HPLC C18 column can have a significant impact on your test results.

GL Sciences rigorously tests every column for quality, ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility for a consistent testing process. We are committed to providing the ideal inertness, durability, and stability for a wide variety of applications.

How does GL Sciences compare?

  • Excellent Quality - Enjoy a long column lifetime and high durability for your tests.

  • Unmatched Performance - Get improved separation, peak shape, stability, and reproducibility.

  • Risk-Free - Get a free sample C18 column and put it to the test on your own compounds*.

"Compared with other columns such as Synergy Hydro-RP (from Phenomenex) or several columns from Waters dedicated for the separation of hydroxy acids, the separation and the peak shape obtained on the GL Sciences AQ - C18 column were better.” Dr. Serban MoldoveanuPrincipal Scientist

C18 Column R&D
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Get the perfect C18 Column alternative for your application & a free sample.


Get a direct replacement or recommended alternative for HPLC C18 columns from:

  • Agilent Technologies 

  • Alltech

  • ACE

  • Agilent

  • Akzo-Nobel

  • Alltech

  • AMT/Halo

  • Analytical Sales

  • Bischoff

  • Bonna-Agela

  • CERI

  • Chromanik

  • Chromatopak

  • CNW

  • Dikma

  • Dionex


  • Eprogen

  • ES Industries

  • Fortis

  • Waters

  • Genius

  • Grace

  • Grace Alltech

  • Grace Grom

  • Grace Jones

  • Grace Vydac

  • Hamilton

  • Hichrom

  • Higgins Analytical

  • Hitachi High-Technologies

  • Imtakt

  • Macherey Nagel

  • Mac-Mod Analytical

  • Merck

  • MicroSolv

  • Mitsubishi Chemical

  • Nacalai Tesque

  • Nomura Chemical

  • Orochem

  • Phenomenex

  • Restek

  • Sepax

  • Shimadzu GLC

  • Shinwa Chemical Industries

  • Shiseido

  • Shodex

  • Supelco

  • Thermo

  • Tosoh

  • UCT

  • Varian

  • Wako Pure Chemical Industries

  • Waters

  • Welch

  • Wesley

  • Whatman

  • YMC

  • Zodiac

Committed to Quality

GL Sciences is ISO14001 Compliant Company & Factory is ISO9001 Compliant Facility 

Certifications for HPLC C18 Column Production

* For qualified businesses.

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