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Finding the right C18 column for a particular separation can be very time-consuming and expensive.


GL Sciences makes it easy for you to find the perfect solution for your next method development project:

  • Expert Technical Advice - speak to one of our R&D experts and get professional advice for your chromatography needs

  • Documentation - get access to the right literature & information related to your application/analysis

  • Free Samples - put GL Sciences HPLC C18 columns to the test on your own compounds risk-free*

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What scientists are saying:

“The columns are stable in a wide range of pH and perfectly suitable for separations followed by MS detection.  Compared with other columns such as Synergy Hydro-RP (from Phenomenex) or several columns from Waters dedicated for the separation of hydroxy acids, the separation and the peak shape obtained on the GL Sciences AQ - C18 column were better.”    

Dr. Serban Moldoveanu / Principal Scientist

R.J. Reynolds

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Our HPLC columns are manufactured in Japan under strict control, assuring the quality of the columns. InertSustain Series are the latest development from GL Sciences, and Inertsil Series are popular lines for many years in HPLC industry. Various separation mechanisms are available to fit for a wide range of applications. The GL Sciences UPLC and HPLC columns are known by its good performance and very low backpressure.

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