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Maximize Your Method Development Efficiency

Wide pH Balance

Efficient method development can be achieved at a wide range of pH, creating the possibility for an unique selectivity changes to optimize your methods.

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HPLC Columns :

Increased Ionization Efficiency leading to Higher Sensitivity

Basic Drugs

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HP series 3 μm columns are compatible with high-throughput analysis operating up to 50 MPa. As shown below, equivalent efficiency to 2 μm columns can be observed by increasing the column length and flow rate.


HP (High Pressure) series 3 μm Columns

Preparative Chromatography

Influence of Chromatographic Results in various Mobile Phase Conditions

Berberine is a group of alkaloids. Higher sample loading capacity can be achieved under basic pH conditions rather than acidic or neutral conditions since Berberine does not dissociate and create a hydrophobic interaction.


The flexibility of InertSustain C18 offering wide pH compatibility delivers higher sample loading capacity resulting in higher efficiency compared to other ODS columns in the market


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