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Unmatched Inertness & Durability


InertSustain NH2 shows far superior stability compared to those commercially available aminopropyl columns on the market as our newly developed “Evolved Surface Silica” is chemically bonded with aminopropyl group. Generally, aminopropyl columns are used for applications that are hard to be separated in a reversed phase mode (e.g., simultaneous analysis of sugars or vitamin E), however, the shift in retention time has been an issue for a long time. InertSustain NH2 delivers highly reliable reproducibility and stability with accurate qualitative and quantitative results.

HPLC Columns :

Comparison of Stability between various Aminopropyl columns

Commercially available amino columns were compared to confi rm their stability by checking the retention time of Maltose. As shown in the experiment below, InertSustain NH2 maintained high stability

Reliable Reproducibility, Performance and Quality from Lot to Lot

Analysis of Malto Oligosugars

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