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Unmatched Inertness & Durability


InertSustain Phenyl delivers an extremely unique reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving compounds that could not be separated on a C18 or C8 phase. InertSustain Phenyl provides not only pi-pi interactions, but also hydrogen bonding secondary interactions, which results in retaining polar compounds at the same time. In addition, InertSustain Phenyl is compatible with the analysis of structural isomers due to it’s high stereo-selectivity.

HPLC Columns :

InertSustain C18

InertSustain Phenyl

Other Brands Phenyl Column

Analysis of Structural Isomers

InertSustain Phenyl

Ascentis Phenyl

XBridge Phenyl

Efficient for the separation of structural isomers having the same mass which cannot be differentiated by LC/MS

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