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GL Science's newly developed technologies have enabled the modification of pore size, and its homogeneity, along with the amount of silanol groups of the base silica to be adequately controlled for each ligand in a variety of phases and applications.

This evolved surface silica (ES Silica) allows GL Sciences InertSustain Series to have a wide portfolio with extremely inert, chemical sustainability, and batch-to-batch reproducibility for state-of-the-art analysis.

While other columns show poor peak shape, insufficient separation efficiency often with secondary interactions, and unsuitable physical properties of base silica that result in poor reproducibility.

InertSustain Features
Can be used for wide pH analysis with consistent performance
Superior inertness to typically any analytes
High efficiency
Extremely low operating back pressure
Compatibility with a wide range of solvents

“The columns are stable in a wide range of pH and perfectly suitable for separations followed by MS detection.  Compared with other columns such as Synergy Hydro-RP (from Phenomenex) or several columns from Waters dedicated for the separation of hydroxy acids, the separation and the peak shape obtained on the GL Sciences AQ-C18 column were better.”   

Dr. Serban Moldoveanu / Principal Scientist

R.J. Reynolds

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