New InertSustain®

AX-C18 HPLC Column

Mixed-Mode Column bonded with C18 and tertiary

amino groups. Excellent reproducibility and quality.

Retention behavior that combines both reversed phase and anion exchange
Excellent retention for acidic compounds
Excellent reproducibility and stable quality
Recommended for separation and analysis of acidic compounds

Why InertSustain AX-C18?

InertSustain AX-C18 is a mix-mode column bonded with C18 groups and tertiary amino groups. It provides hydrophobic interaction and electrostatic interaction by AX group works. By controlling the amount of AX group, acidic compounds can be eluted even in buffer concentration range used with LC/MS. 


Excellent reproducibility and quality!

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If you are having trouble analyzing highly polar compounds using C18 columns

You can choose the right column according to your target:

InertSustain AQ-C18

Want to strengthen

overall retention

InertSustain AX-C18

Want to specifically retain

acidic compounds

InertSustain PFP

Want to specifically retain

basic compounds



A mixed-mode column bonded with C18 and amino groups


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