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Solid Phase Extraction Spin Column

Excellent for small volume samples

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Why SPE MonoSpin?

MonoSpin is an SPE spin-column that uses silica monoliths with uniform continuum pores. It effectively and quickly extracts, isolates, purifies, and concentrates samples by centrifugation with ease.


It’s excellent for small volume samples.

SPE Monospin Features

Easy operation by centrifuge

Concentration and purification of target compounds in small volume samples even less than 100uL

Extremely rapid sample preparation procedure utilizing silica monolith technology

Ideal sample preparation for LC-MS

The MonoSpin SPE centrifugal spin columns have been developed to improve concentration and yields in a low-volume sample (even less than 100uL) preparation. 


Centrifuge elution allows loss-free and efficient processing of many samples simultaneously, with little or no liquid retained by the separation matrix. Plus, excellent mass transfer and rapid sample binding on MonoSpin’s monolith silica allows rapid sample preparation compared with other methods.

How to Use MonoSpin

A spin column for concentration and purification of trace level samples

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Solid Phase Extraction Spin Column


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